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"The new building is standing above a river."

Translation:Az új épület egy folyó fölött áll.

July 13, 2016



What’s the difference between fölött and felett?


Neither is better than the other. However, the postpositions 'fölé' (above to) and 'fölül' (above from) either don't have unrounded vowel 'e' variants, or their meaning has shifted.


I’ve never heard of ‘above to/from’, just ‘above’.


What I meant to say was that the postpositions that express movement from/to above something don't have two variants as 'fölött/felett' does.

  • Tedd fel az X fölé! = "Put it up above the X."
  • Az X fölött/felett van. = "It is above the X."
  • Vedd le az X fölül! = "Take it down from above the X."
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