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"Én nem Éva vagyok, hanem Kati."

Translation:I am not Éva, but Kati.

July 13, 2016



My translation was not accepted: "I am not Éva, but rather Kati." Now, "hanem" should translate to either "but" or "but rather". Does this translation not work, because "but rather" cannot be used like this in English?


Your translation is correct, please use the report button to let the team know of any other acceptable answers! :)


Can "Én" be omitted, like "Nem Éva vagyok, hanem Kati"?


Yes, it can. "Nem Éva vagyok, hanem Kati.” is a correct sentence.


Is "én" used to emphasize the "i" - f.e. "i'm not eva but maybe she is?" or is it just one way to express this sentence?


Yes, "Én" is used to emphasize the "i". Your example is perfect.


It's sort of like "Talking about me, I'm personally not Éva, .."


'Pay attention to the accents.' Well I would if they were included. I could not tell the developers as this option is no longer available.


In previous lessons Kati was accepted and now I am being corrected for not using Kate?


I would report it.


The "correct" answer for this translation errs by using the Hungarian spelling/version of both Eva and Katy. Beyond that, there is no means by which Eva can be both capitalized and accented in the middle of a sentence in your current program design. Aren't language equivalents (translations) more appropriate... when they are available and universally/commonly acceptable protocol.

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