"Otthon színésznőket fényképezek."

Translation:I take pictures of actresses at home.

July 13, 2016

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In this sense, are the actresses the ones who are at home, or is it the one taking the pictures?


It's the home of the speaker. Itthon/otthon refers to your own home.


Don't wanna know what happens next...


Hmmm... I would [nuance alert!] say "I take pix" (meaning generally) is ok, but "I am taking pix" (meaning right now) is not, because if I were at home, taking pix or not, I would say itthon. Otthon is at home when home is ott and not itt, as I ken that distinction. Or it would mean, if I am at home but saying Otthon, that I take pix at the actress's home.

Itthon/otthon does not have to refer to the speaker's home, I thought. If I ask on a cell phone Otthon vagy? I am asking if you are at your home (where I am not), and your reply would be Igen, itthon vagyok, if you are home, or nem vagyok otthon if you're out. Is that wrong? Does Otthon vagy ask if you are at my home? Thanks.

Boy I love learning this language!


Isn't "taking photos" also correct?


It is, but apparently that translation is not in the database yet. Use the report button to report such cases.


It is still not in the database.


De igen.

I am taking photos of actresses at home. - accepted


I photograph the actresses at home?!

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Lucky you.

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