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"A turista repülőtereket és repülőgépeket fényképez."

Translation:The tourist is taking pictures of airports and airplanes.

July 13, 2016



I used the report feature to ask that "The tourist photographs airports and airplanes" be accepted.


The tourist takes pictures of airports and airplanes should be an correct answer too


Please report such sentences (Report a problem -> my translation should be accepted) if you are fairly sure that your translation is correct, as that is much more effective than posting about them in sentence discussions.


sorry didnt know about that :) thanks for the info


Anyone know if it's also correct to translate 'repülőgépeket' as 'aircraft'? I get that it's visibly pluralised in Hungarian, but in English it's equally correct to use 'aircraft' in its place despite it being an irregular plural. Yes it's hard to judge if the user understood the pluralisation aspect, but I think it's still a correct translation.

One could argue that in English an aeroplane is an aircraft, but an aircraft is not necessarily an aeroplane, but to the best of my knowledge there's no distinction between the two in Hungarian. I stand to be corrected on both points though!


aircraft is more like "légijármű" in hungarian (although not widely used), this works for every airborne vehicle, like balloons, helicopters etc (mirror translation). Despite "repülőgép" literally means "flying machine", it is used exclusively for the fixed wing aircrafts, and for the others we have proper names.

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