"A turista repülőtereket és repülőgépeket fényképez."

Translation:The tourist is taking pictures of airports and airplanes.

July 13, 2016

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I used the report feature to ask that "The tourist photographs airports and airplanes" be accepted.


The tourist takes pictures of airports and airplanes should be an correct answer too


Please report such sentences (Report a problem -> my translation should be accepted) if you are fairly sure that your translation is correct, as that is much more effective than posting about them in sentence discussions.


sorry didnt know about that :) thanks for the info

[deactivated user]

    Does anyone know why "é" becomes "e" when plural for "repülőtér" -> "repülőterek" but doesn't for "repülőgép" -> "repülőgépek" ??

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