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  5. "Dych chi'n gwneud caws?"

"Dych chi'n gwneud caws?"

Translation:Are you making cheese?

July 13, 2016



Can 'gwneud' be used for other, non food related things, in a general sense, like a building, snowman and a painting?


Gwneud means make and do. It is used for all "making" tasks.


How would one differentiate between "Are you making cheese?" And "Do you make cheese?"


You would need to add something to clarify your meaning. For example:

  • Dych chi wrthi'n gwneud caws? - Are you [in the middle of] making cheese?
  • Dych chi'n gwneud caws heddiw? - Are you making some cheese today?
  • Dych chi'n gwneud caws [yn gyson/bob wythnos/yn aml]? - Do you make cheese [regularly/every week/often]?


Is the 'w' in 'gwneud' a vowel sound [u~ʊ] or a consonant sound [w] here? If it's a consonant, it is a bit difficult to have three right next to each other [gwn]


Why is 'you are making cheese' wrong, because on the question begore this 'dych chi'n rhifo teganau' told me that 'are you counting toys' was wrong! I'm now confused!


This is a question, as shown by the question mark in writing, and by the rising tone at the end of the spoken sentence.

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