"Itt gyakran esik az eső."

Translation:It often rains here.

July 13, 2016

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Would it be permittable to also accept, "It rains often here"?


That sounds wrong to me.

It often rains here or It rains here often, yes, but It rains often here sounds wrong to me in English.


I marked the correction as wrong, because to me ''It rains often here'' sounds perfectly acceptable in English. I've probably said this exact sentence hundreds of times, since I live in a rainy part of the country.

It might be a colloquial way of speaking. but when I did a search on the sentence in Google, there were some 3,000 examples, including a number of them in books.


Agreed, "It rains often here" is entirely acceptable. It may be a regional thing, but it is not wrong at all.


"Here is rains often" is wrong?

[deactivated user]

    Yes, "Here is rains often." is incorrect.


    To be clear, it should be "Here it rains often."


    As alternatív solution "it often rains in here" is offered. Is that a correct translation? My translation "It often rains here" is accepted as well, but obviously these are two different meanings. Is the Hungarian not clear or is there a mistake?


    No. It doesn't rain inside.


    why is it "esik az eső"? rains twice?


    rain is called eső in Hungarian... since it's falling
    And the sentence is "The rain falls"


    Other variations of this sentence aren't acceptable? E.G. "It rains often here." "Often, it rains here." "Here, it rains often." "It rains here often."

    I understand that some of these variations sound a little less smooth, but the meaning is nonetheless the same.


    Why do you repeat rain? Wouldn't Itt gyakran esik also work? I'm not sure why az eső is included.

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