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Hungarian dev team -- please add explanation of -ik verbs before quizzing them.

The sentence "Nem, nem teniszezem." is used in the "V-2 Pres P" unit without explanation for the different ending. I believe "lakom" gets used somewhere before this, as well.

This is confusing w/o explanation in the unit tips.

Also, in general, please note that we beta-testers have run across other issues in the unit "tips and notes" section -- either missing content, or errors in the content that is there.

Where and how do you want us to document these issues?

Thanks for the course, and all your hard work.

July 13, 2016



What do you mean by "we beta-testers"? How could I become one too?


You're already one: the course is under its phase of beta-test. So by using it you're a beta-tester. ;)

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