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Zły wynik

You may have noticed that 52% of the British voting public decided to leave the EU recently. I'm English and was born and raised in the north east - a Leave area. But I've been happily married to a lovely Polish lady for over ten years. We live in Brighton where I, along with 70% of Brighton's residents, voted Remain.

Będąc niezadowolony z wyniku wyborów, stworzyłem następujące zdanie:

Anglia jest krajem pełen głupich ludzi niewykształconych posiadając najniższe cechy w tak zwany cywilizowanym świecie.

Ostatecznie, mam nadzieję, że w przyszłym roku, przeprowadzimy się do Polski. Bo mam dość tego kraju.

July 13, 2016



Your sentences are really good (although not perfect) - congrats! Let me suggest some corrections:

Będąc niezadowolonym z wyniku wyborów, stworzyłem następujące zdanie:

Anglia jest krajem pełnym głupich, niewykształconych ludzi, posiadających najniższe cechy w tak zwanym cywilizowanym świecie. ('najniższe' doesn't seem like a perfect choice here, although I don't know what I'd suggest)

Ostatecznie, mam nadzieję, że w przyszłym roku przeprowadzimy się do Polski. Bo mam dość tego kraju.

However, I really don't think that a language learning site is a proper place to discuss questions of politics, religion or other controversial topics. I'd appreciate if you rather refrained from doing it again. Cheers!


I think I understand the grammatical mistakes I made - all four mistakes were due to adjectives not agreeing correctly in case with their respective nouns ...

  • Będąc niezadowolonym (narzędnik)
  • Jest pełnym krajem (narzędnik)
  • Posiadających ludzi (dopełniacz)
  • W tak zwanym (miejscownik)

Dzięki za poprawki.


You're not the only one who's depressed and upset by the triumph of lies and thoughtlessness. Don't forget, though, Anglia jest krajem tylko 52% pełen głupich niewykształconych ludzi. Nearly half of us saw through the lies, and of the 52%, some of them are decent people whose only mistake was to believe the the lies Leave campaign told them.


You're quite right, of course. But it's likely to effect my family worse than average. My wife's Polish. My company depends on foreign students coming to the UK to study. And I don't want our holidays in Croatia to cost more. ;)


If this wasn't a language learning site, I'd challenge your argument.


Do not start the ****storm here please.


I might also add that while it's a good thing you voted "remain", I'd seriously think before throwing around phrases like "next year we hope to move to Poland", because it's all very theoretical and right now your emotions have taken over your reason for a while.

Especially with contemporary Poland having decided to vote for a eurosceptic government, I'm not sure you'd be better off there. And of course the material side is important too: will you be making the equivalent ammount of zlotys as £ right now (I highly doubt that), what are your career prospects, will you be getting the same medical service as with the NHS, which city are you going to live in, what is the air pollution like there (hello coal-powered electricity plants), what is the general mind-openness like (with 90% of Catholics people will definitely not be as tolerant as in Brighton)... these are all very important questions you have to consider.


Well, I'd been thinking of living in Poland long before the referendum, actually. There are much bigger problems with PiS than just Euroscepticism - and we're well aware of those - as well as the high percentage of intolerant Catholics, homophobia and strach przed cudzoziemcami. If we were to move there, it'd almost certainly be to Wrocław, which I understand is a comparatively - for Poland - alternative, progressive city. I'd be working for the same company I do now, so we wouldn't be worse off financially.

Dzięki za radę.

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