"The toilet is next to the bathroom."

Translation:A mosdó a fürdőszoba mellett van.

July 13, 2016

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Bathroom also means "the toilet" meaning more than just a place to clean up but... but to relieve yourself. So when you're out and about you may ask "Where's the bathroom?" they will know that you're looking for a toilet, vece, WC.


Reminds me of a tale of an American who asked where the bathroom was and was directed to it. He came straight out looking confused saying "there is no bathroom in the bathroom just a bath". (Yes, we know what he was asking for - the hostess was just being mean at his mealy-mouthedness)


o_0 akkor melyik szobaban van a mosdo??


Mindkettoben, remelhetoleg, Arca, Ha ha

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