"Itt az asztalok alacsonyak."

Translation:Here the tables are low.

July 13, 2016

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"Here the tables are short" isn't acceptable? It seems to mean just about the same thing to me.


In English "short" means "not tall" when applied to people. However, objects that are "not tall" cannot be called "short" in English. A short table is one that is not long.


Ah! Good point. I think that a short table could refer either to one that is not long, or to one that is not tall. (But probably more to the first.)


English isn't this limit. Short can refer to any measurement of length and sometimes other instances such as values. "Coming up short". A short table could refer to length or height as they are both measurements of a distance. Context would indicate which measurement the speaker is referring to. So the answer should be accepted.


Hogy mondiák magyarul here are low tables.


Here are low tables. Itt alacsony asztalok vannak.

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