"Egy nagy szállodát keres."

Translation:She is looking for a big hotel.

July 13, 2016

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Why isn't "a big hotel" accepted? I'm not a native english speaker.


It is correct too, report it. :)


How do i know she is looking for something? I cannot see she in the sentence...


Many languages don't use personal pronouns (I you, we etc) routinely except when emphasis or clarification is necessary. The reason is the verb ending changes for each person. Cf Italian parlo parli parla parliamo parlano or Spanish hablo hablas habla hablamos hablan ( I speak you speak etc)


Can anyone recommend a good book on Hungarian language that goes into all of the different word forms and when to use them and explains the sentence structure? This app is good but I think I need suplimental help. : )


why is it keres but not keresel here?


keres - he/she/it is looking for,
keresel - you are looking for


Not related, but I wish that without any added context from another sentence it would just define pronouns under "they" since gender-specific pronouns literally do not exist in Hungarian.

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