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  5. "Ez a földszint."

"Ez a földszint."

Translation:This is the ground floor.

July 13, 2016



Yes the ground floor in English English is street level and first floor is one floor up.


"Ez a" means "this". Therefore "this first floor" should be a correct answer.


Grammatically you're right, it can mean that as well, but because there is only one ground-level, it wouldn't make any sense to say "This ground-level". At least I cannot imagine any situation to say it so.


Except it is a sentence - it has a full stop. Therefore there is an implied verb. This is the ground floor.

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Can "földszint" be used in the sense of starting from the bottom? As in "we got in at the ground floor of this investment"?


No, we do not use it this way. Starting: "nulláról" (from zero) or "az alapoktól" (from the foundations) but not "a földszintről". Literally, we can begin the cleaning of a house from the ground floor = a földszintről / földszinttől.


I don't know for sure, but idioms in general don't translate, so I'd guess not.


My dictionary gives:

get in on the ground floor: részvényeket kibocsátáskor előnyösen megvásárol, előnyös helyzetet biztosít magának, az elsők között kapcsolódik be vmbe

I don't know what they say but they don't include the word 'földszint'.


This is downstairs...


I don't think you can say downstairs here because of the definite article 'a'.


In the USA "foldszint" is the first floor, btw. So let list that as an acceptable version. Duly reported, btw.


Maybe in the USA but in Hungary the floors start (like in the UK) from the ground floor. Since you would most likely use Hungarian in Hungary it makes sense to use the local terminology.

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