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"A főnök egy alacsony angol férfi."

Translation:The boss is a short English man.

July 13, 2016



I wrote "The boss is a small Englishman". Is this not a possible translation of the Hungarian?


That would rather be "A főnök egy alacsony angol", where angol is a noun. While it can refer to a woman as well, without context I would assume we're talking about a man.


Well, an Englishman is a man. A woman would be an Englishwoman.


Sure. I was talking about the Hungarian word. While -- in contrast to Englishman -- it doesn't explicitly state it's a man, it would be assumed, unless the context proved the opposite.


The context is that angol is followed by ferfi, so clearly it's an Englishman, not an Englishwoman. It looks odd in English to split Englishman into two words.


I wrote:the manager is a sort english man Why is wrong anf "The boss is a short English man." is OK?


Because you are supposed to translate it to hungarian


What is wrong with Englishman?


"The boss is one short English man" should be accepted, in such sentences it is used as a substitute for a/an

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