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"The mom supports her children."

Translation:האמא תומכת בילדים שלה.

July 13, 2016



I'm trying to remember this by thinking that תומכ sounds like "tummyache". And a mom will support her child when he has a tummyache. Silly but mnemonics (is that the right word?) are the only thing that help me remember the vocabulary!


When i first arrived in Israel i did this constantly


I thought "a tomcat supports her man". Gotta remember that a bet goes after too. The bet looks like a supporting device (like for a wall).


I wrote האמא תומכת את הילדים שלה. Is this also correct, or does it require the "ב" after the verb?


Yes, the verb לתמוך is used with the preposition ב so using את is incorrect.


I don't understand, can you please explain more about how using את is incorrect?


it's simply how Hebrew expresses the idea of "supporting": the verb always takes ב and not את. Many verbs in other languages do this as well: it's simply a matter of learning the phrase and getting used to it, I'm afraid.


Is there any reference sheet that lists verbs with acceptable prepositions?


האם תומכת בילדיה Is also correct. בילדים שלה = בילדיה. You should fix it to be correct too.


I don't understand, can someone please explain more about how using את is incorrect?


A particularity of this verb it seems. bet, not at, for this verb.

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