"Завтра буде понеділок."

Translation:Tomorrow is Monday.

July 13, 2016

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"Tomorrow will be Monday." is more accurate for "Завтра буде понеділок." "буде" = "will be" (future tense).


'Tomorrow will be Monday' is the correct translation.Unfortunately, it has crept into modern usage in English to ignore tenses in sentences like these and to use the present tense, hence 'Tomorrow is Monday' may often be heard, even though it is incorrect in a grammatical sense.


Actually, according to a grammar rule (which, incidentally, is not modern), the present simple can be used, together with a future time expression, to describe scheduled future events.


"Tomorrow is Monday" is perfectly correct and grammatical, stop talking nonsense.


Monday is actually tomorrow


Monday is tomorrow....


I just completed this exercise with select the words in English. CONFUSED !!!!!!! When I look at the dictionary clues for биде I get "will be/will/there will be" The word "IS" as used in the "correct" answer has the definition "present tense third person singular of BE". As "tomorrow" is inherently future tense the use of "is" as a substitute for "will be" is inappropriate. Although this is a common mistake in "lazy speak" or colloquial language, it is however incorrect.

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