"Is the milk hot?"

Translation:החלב חם?

July 13, 2016

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How do you pronounce חם?


I believe it's pronounced like cham. Can anyone else verify?


Correct, where the "ch" is pronounced as in "Bach."


It's like the spanish "j". Like..."José" or "Juan"


back of the throat. Cham (ah)


Funny that so many people implied the question was about the consonant, not the vowel. I pray there will be a miracle that makes it obvious what vowel


Why isnt החלב חם translated as "the hot milk"?


the hot milk = החלב החם


The correct answer is

Is the milk hot?


What is the reason for not giving the audio for the Hebrew in the comments section?


ha-chaláv cham?


Why is the second answer correct?


So you had the multiple choice.

The first word in the first one is a question word, but it is optional.

<pre>האם החלב חם? </pre>

On this page scroll down for the tips and notes and keep on scrolling until you get to Yes/No questions for more information. https://www.duolingo.com/skill/he/Letters-1


So i used האם but it said that my answer was wrong and that was the only thing different than what they said was the right answer. Im really confused about when to use it and when to not


If you wrote האם החלב חם, it should definitely be accepted. You can try your luck reporting it.


I wrote the same thing and it said incorrect. This makes trying to learn very confusing and frustrating after it happens many times


How the hell am I supposed to write Hebrew characters on my computer?


I'm having the same problem.. How do I get Hebrew on the keyboard? I have it on iPhone and ipad but not on home desktop. ( HP)


You can download it, if you have windows you can download many keybaords to your pc, just google it. This is how i downloaded hebrew on my nee pc.


You can download a Hebrew keyboard in the settings and either get stickers or have a map open till you get used to it


Hot milk the is? isn't right. Pls help


החלב = the milk חם = hot החלב חם - the milk is hot החלב החם = the hot milk חלב חם - hot milk


How are you using a Hebrew keyboard? They are not offering one.


Depends on your platform. If you are using a Mac or PC, you should be able to add a Hebrew keyboard in the settings. Mac offers a keyboard called "Hebrew - QWERTY" which maps the keys phonetically to match a regular QWERTY keyboard. If you are using iPhone, you should be able to add a Hebrew keyboard in the keyboard settings. On Android I would recommend downloading Google Keyboard. You should be able to select Hebrew in the app settings.


Your comment has been of great service to me. I can't thank you enough. My Samsung Galaxy was replaced to a Samsung J3 Prime. It was not supporting fully the Hebrew Alphabet but with your suggestion. It can support for me 4 languages easily! Now, just by touching the icon of the world, I can switch so easily between English, German, Spanish and Hebrew. I suspect I could even add more. But this is sufficient and brillant! A lingot is coming your way from me. Thank you so much!


@Texanberg: On Android still only 4, including spell check, and I use Dutch, English, Hebrew and Russian, whereby I use English for all languages other than NL, like Finnish, French, German and Swahili. (Jan 2022)


I am somewhat lost in this course. Seems to start at quite advanced level. Where can I find the basics? Haven't earned the very first crown on the first lesson and yet I find myself confronted with grammar tasks as negation, questions, leave alone reading and pronounciation skills.

I'd very much like to practise the alphabet first and was looking here for a cours similar to the one Duolingo provides for the arabic one.


I was told I could have used ?חם but there is no '?' on any of the answer blocks


How do you pronounce the milk? Hachelav?


Ha-ȟalav. ח is the "hard h" sound. This sound doesn't exist in English, so it might take some practise. Some examples of the sound include: in name of the composer "Bach," in the Scottish world for lake, "loch" (ie. "Loch Ness"), or the letter 'g' in any Dutch/Afrikaans word (if by chance you know of "Hagelslag").


Also Russian and Greek, the letter in each of them that looks like X. Also Spanish J.


Just have to make clear - original ח is pronounced from really deep in the throat. You may find you heared it before in movies with arabic speaking characters... Some people pronounce it like that today, tho most people go for the europian version, that sounds like scottish 'ch', as in 'loch ness'. If you wanna go the middle way, you can do spanish 'j' or russian 'x'


I find it much similar to the Arabic خ


Almost all Hebrew speakers these days indeed pronounce it like the Arabic خ.

Traditional pronunciation of Jews from Arabic-speaking areas was like Arabic ح, and the institutions in Israel adopted the ح as the preferred pronunciation (singers and readers in the radio who pronounced it like this were highly esteemed), because it probably was the pronunciation at ancient times. This institution support didn't help the ح pronunciation against the sociological push towards خ, and it's verging on extinction.


Can anyone explain why we dont use האם for this sentence.? It means "Is" does it not..?


This word is optional, so DL uses both ways. In spoken Hebrew no one uses האם.


I dont have a hebrew keyboard and I can not type i


You need to download the Hebrew keyboard or use a virtual one.


Whats the difference between חם וחום?


x חם (cham) - hot (adjective)

x חום (chom) - heat (noun)


todah rabbah adon, do you know when and how is it utilized as verb (if ever)?


Neither of those words is used as a verb, if that is what you are asking. There is a verb לחמם (lechamem) which means to heat, to warm up.


Oh I'm sorry I meant when the root word "חמם" is utilized as a verb....todah rabbah


Very important question in regards to kashruth


I cannot type in Hebrew


Doulingo puts the immovable question mark at the end of the sentence, not me

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