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  5. "Yr ail ar bymtheg"

"Yr ail ar bymtheg"

Translation:The seventeenth

July 14, 2016



So, the second on fifteen?


Yes, exactly :)

  1. first
  2. second
  3. third
  4. fourth
  5. fifth
  6. sixth
  7. seventh
  8. eighth
  9. ninth
  10. tenth
  11. oneth on ten
  12. twelfth
  13. third on ten
  14. fourth on ten
  15. fifteenth
  16. oneth on fifteen
  17. second on fifteen
  18. two-ninth
  19. fourth on fifteen
  20. twentieth
  21. oneth on twenty
  22. second on twenty
  23. third on twenty
  24. fourth on twenty
  25. fifth on twenty
  26. sixth on twenty
  27. seventh on twenty
  28. eighth on twenty
  29. ninth on twenty
  30. tenth on twenty
  31. oneth on ten on twenty

("oneth" for unfed since those compound numbers don't use the word cyntaf "first".)


Wow. This is going to take some getting used to.


That may be why many Welsh speakers only use those numbers up to 31, since they're traditionally used for hours and minutes when telling time as well as for dates in a calendar month, but use decimal numbers above that.


Is " yr saith ar deg" also the seventeenth?

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No, there is no use of 'saith ar ddeg' even though it does sound logical.

The only correct way of expressing the ordinal 17th is 'Yr ail ar bymtheg'

However the use of the decimal system is beginning to creep in, in this case '17th' would be 'Yr undeg saithfed'


Not seithfed?

Or does the decimal system also simplify and regularise the ordinals to remove the vowel change?

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It's not accepted as a correct use of the language at the moment but it's an inevitable development given the increasing numbers of Welsh speakers being the product of the Welsh medium schools and using decimal numbers exclusively for Maths, while hearing the traditional numbers very rarely.

In the written language it is already standard to write the date with only the number and not the 'th' equivalent.

In the same way that decimal numbers have replaced the traditional cardinal numbers and are also increasingly used for telling time and using money, the simplest option will no doubt develop and that would be to remove the vowel change.

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