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  5. "Ki nyerít?"

"Ki nyerít?"

Translation:Who is neighing?

July 14, 2016



I do not even know what this word means in English!


It means "to make the (trumpeting-kind of) sound that a horse makes". It is not like Melissa suggested, but more like a "Nyaaeeiiiiny", but I am not much of a horse whisperer.


Is this word really necessary


... whether the óvónő won´t start neighing when flying között 82 méh :-)


Seems like pretty basic animal stuff to me. If you're gonna learn the word horse, you should probably learn the sound it makes too.


well, i don't use that word in my mother tongue as basic word. maybe a more useful word would have been 'sound' in case one really needs to find out what the sound made by a horse (or any other being or thing) is called. anyhow, the comments on this discussion page made it worth learning this word.


I can't remember learning this word in the german module. and i asked about and the word does not seem to be in the russian module either. however, if the word is there, in either or both modules, the case rests: no one can remember them, that's how useful it is.


it is "wiehern" in German


We’re just having fun! Stop being a neighsayer.


In Hungarian, can you refer to an animal as 'ki'? Or, to put the matter another way, can this Hungarian sentence also mean "What is neighing?"


a word you will use once in a lifetime..


Matt, unless it is a kindergarten teacher flying on a neighing white horse above the city, among cars also flying above the city, unless these poor kindergarten teachers are hanging on the curtains. Quite common in Hungary it seems.

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