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  5. "He writes me a book."

"He writes me a book."

Translation:Anh ấy viết cho tôi một cuốn sách.

July 14, 2016



Is the order between "cho tôi" and "một cuốn sách" important? It seems like "Anh ấy viết một cuốn sách cho tôi" is also accepted. Is there a preferred order? Does it make a semantic difference?


what is the difference between "viết" and "viết cho" ?


"Viết" just means "to write" while "viết cho" is "to write for". In English you can omit "for" or "to" as in "he writes me a book".


How would the sentence meaning change if you omitted "cho"?

Anh ấy viết cho tôi một cuốn sách

Wouldnt the meaning remain the same? If so, what purpose does cho achieve here that isn't accomplished without it?


It would mean "he writes me" as if I was the words on the page instead of the recipient.


What does CUON (sach) mean? Do we have to write a cuon?

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