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  5. "אמא שלו התפללה שהוא יסכים."

"אמא שלו התפללה שהוא יסכים."

Translation:His mom prayed that he would agree.

July 14, 2016



This is how Hebrew speakers WRONGLY translate English. In English, we say, "she prayed that he would agree." even though in Hebrew we'd say יסכים. Ask a native English speaker!


True, this is a very unnatural English sentence.


I'm a native American and it seems natural to me as will or would. If she wants him to agree to something in the future or if she wanted him to agree to something in the future she was and is hoping he will agree. If I thought he wouldn't agree or had serious doubts I might use would.


Yup. I am also a native English speaker, and I agree that it needs to be "would" here and not "will." Subjunctive mood, which doesn't precisely exist in Hebrew!


I translated it as would and it accepted it.


Yes, it has been fixed now. Glad to hear it's working right!

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