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"Pigen har sat kassen bordet."

Translation:The girl has put the box on the table.

July 14, 2016



The girl put the box on the table should also be correct. In English we do not really say has put.

[deactivated user]

    It depends on the proximity of time. If it’s a recent event, then “has put” or “have put” is fine. For example, “I’ve put the shopping away”. That means you’ve just done it. If it’s not recent, then you would say “put”. “I put the shopping away” would be part of a past narrative, for example.

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    "kass" is a cat in estonian and "kassi" is a bag in finnish, so i'm getting this wrong pretty frequently :D whenever they put a box somewhere i think it's a cat and whenever there's something in a box i think it's a bag. oh well, enough mistakes should do it.


    kun for at lære engelsk: kan man også oversætte kassen til "the case"?


    I agree, although the phrase... Has placed... Sounds acceptable.


    Why is "the girl has sat the box on the table " wrong?


    IDK, maybe it's colloquial. I've heard English people saying exactly that, and I wonder if it's from the same origin.


    Lär er ba svänska era undermäbiskor


    My danish boyfriend found this sentence kinda funny, as appearently you can say that aswell if a girl with bigger breasts, rests her breasts on the table.

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