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The direction of the writing in the Hebrew course

I was starting out the Hebrew course and noticed something about the way the Hebrew script was written. I believe in Hebrew, the script is written from right to left, but in observing the punctuation and some of the symbols, I believe that it is written from left to right in the Duolingo course. If anyone can help and reassure whether I am addressing a problem or I am just not looking at the text correctly. For further information, I have no prior experience in Hebrew, so I may be overreacting. If there is something wrong with the way the text is written, could someone notify the people who made the course so they can address it. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

July 14, 2016



When I use my Hebrew keyboard, the text goes from right to left. It may seem when you type letters that it goes from left to right, but then it sorts itself out. There is a Memrise course on vocabulary for the Duolingo Hebrew course: http://www.memrise.com/course/1031737/hebrew-duolingo/ It takes a while, but I think it saves a lot of time in the long run. It is free.


It is right to left in the course amigo.


No matter what direction it types, it is always read right to left. בהצלחה!


The text is definitely right to left. I often ignore punctuation, but when I was learning the keyboard, I did notice that symbols seemed to show up on the right, as if my computer had switched back to an English input. I just considered it helpful, because it meant I wouldn't accidentally put in an apostrophe when I was looking for the yod.


It's all written RL

שלום, מה שלומך? טוב מעוד, תודה.

^ the commas and question marks are the same way around as we are used to in LR languages, which might seem strange to you at first, but I believe that's just how they're written.

I'm pretty sure it's how I've seen it elsewhere with written Hebrew, and a quick Google suggests this is correct.

There is (or was) an issue with some of the "pick the right word" exercises, where the order of the words was a bit wonky, but as soon as you click submit, it switches to the right order. That said, I've not seen one of those in a while that I remember, so they may have fixed it or disabled that kind of exercise.

(edit: Okay, Duolingo made a liar of me by switching the position of the question mark, so I'm editing this and hoping I can force it to do it right... edit2: okay, the full stop (period) is now in the wrong place but eh, at least you can see how the comma and question mark work! And it does work in exercises even if it's a bit stubborn on the forums.)

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