"Az óvónő a vízen sétál."

Translation:The kindergarten teacher is walking on the water.

July 14, 2016

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Who is this miraculous kindergarten teacher? :)


She can fly above the tall trees! She can walk on water!


I'd rather call her Jessie.


But did Jesus also fly among 60 German airplanes? I hope not!


There seems to be a lot of them - frequently doing aerobatics between department stores and planes. Walking on water is just one of their many achievements .One exercise has a couple of them on the curtains. Wonderous indeed !


There's a back story here somewhere. One of the duolingo folk must have had a thing for a kindergarten teacher.


Beware the óvónő!


I think kindergarten teachers DO walk on water.


Thry put up with enough nonsense from literally everyone they encounter, so they probably all have secret hidden superpowers.


Another totally absurd sentence from The Dada Language Institute.


Does óvónő also mean any preschool worker, or even a nanny / governess / home schooling person for preschool children? Or is she someone particularly trained and certified or licensed to teach children in the school year before 1st grade? And these days kindergarten teachers are not all women so what do we call men who teach five year olds? Óvótanár ?

I'm not joking. I want to know if there are separate words.


what would be the word order for "Jesus knows how to walk on water" Jézus a vízen tud sétálni?


Rather "Jézus tud a vízen sétálni." This is the natural word order, while your sentence emphasises "a vízen": "it's the water Jesus can walk on."


My husband is learning Spanish with DL. He's now complaining that his exercises are so boring.. No surrealist kindergarten teachers flying between the houses or walking on water


It would be useful to know how to say the equivalent expression: "The ... walls on water!" - i.e is phenomenally great!!
- Am I correct in guessing that "A ... a vízen sétál."" is not it?


As in "That concert walks on water"? Heck, I've not even heard that before in English!


A concert no, but I've certainly come across this expression applied to very capable people.


i am more bothered that it now doesn't accept nursery school teacher in my answer where previously it would. while i am having a moan, how come duolingo has taught me to say " the Chinese girl sings in front of the mongolian bosses before it taught me numbers or days of the week ?, now don't get me wrong, if i ever see a Chinese girl singing in front of mongolian bosses then i will be happy that i can describe this to people but i would have thought numbers and days would be more useful........Paul.


Water was spilled on the floor. The teacher walks on it.


Umm... I don't think that's water, teacher.


Does nobody at Duolingo read this Discussion? Boys and girls, are you listening? Do something!!! Vagy az ovonő will put you in the naughty corner for ever.


I notice that here the Hungarian uses the definite article. So I conclude that the correct translation is that she is walking on the water -- some specific instance of water -- and not that "she walks on water" in general.

So if I did want to say that the teacher has magical powers in general, like Jesus, wouldn't that be 'Az óvónő vízen sétál.' -- that is, without the article?

Or would Hungarian use the definite article in both cases?


"Nursery school teacher" please!!!


Error-free normalcy would also be real nice. Time to jettison the preoccupation with supernatural kindergarten teachers.


These kindergarten teachers sure do sone witchy stuff


Duo's óvónős fly over cities, forests AND they walk on water. It's a miracle!


In this case it seems more akin to mental illness.


Yes ... a bad translation of an idiomatic expression ... while you're laughing, be sure to flag and report it to the course developers.


An idiomatic expression? Where? Maybe I'm overlooking something, but I honestly don't know what you mean.


I may be over-extending the definition of "idiom" slightly. I'm talking about "in the water" vs. "on the water", the idea of walking through shallow water, such as this sentence is supposed to convey ... the specific way this action is expressed is--in my mind--somewhat idiomatic ... and in any case, it is obviously expressed somewhat differently in English and Hungarian.


I think the sentence is supposed to mean exactly what is written there; that she is walk on the water, just like Jesus.. "in the water" would be "a vízben".


Why are we suddenly not allowed 'nursery teacher' in later lessons?


Óvónő seems to indicate a female kindergarten teacher. What's the word for a male K teacher?


Hungarian for a deluded male teacher who believes he can fly through the air and walk on water? Try: “Bolond férfi tanár”.


Is she emulating Jesus by any chance?


I wrote IN the water.Got a red again.You can either walk in the water or by the water,never on the water unless you are Jesus


The sentence is irrational and you cannot therefore look for a logical translation. Literally, it would be translated as it is given - “on the water”, which in this case, is meaningless. This course is filled with references to supernatural kindergarten teachers doing all kinds of crazy things. Some people like this odd preoccupation, others don’t. At least we all learn the words for “flying”, “water” and of course, “kindergarten teacher”. ;-)


Is this an idiomatic expression? If so then give an idiomatic translation. But I find their use of "on" often is not how we use it in formal American English.


No, nothing idiomatic here. She walks on water like Jesus.


Given that I am not a Christian, I can only think that the water is frozen. In both cases.


If this is your first encounter with these totally absurd kindergarten teachers, you are in for a long, strange and frustrating trip! It's torture, not teaching.


And there is also the small matter of "nursery teacher" not passing the examination in this case... :( ?


Is there a shorter alternative to 'kindergarten teacher' that Duolingo accepts?


Oh, wow, it looks like I am getting somewhere with my Hungarian, if this poor teacher is not just flying, but walking on water too. OK, what's next?


makes a change from flying between Japanese department stores with her colleagues


You can perhaps see why after all these years, the Hungarian course is still sadly wallowing in Beta.


Maybe it is Mary Poppins?


I think: the kindergarten teacher walks on the walter should be correct too


Már amikor nem a város fölött repül.


Wow! Those kindergarten teachers are something else!

  1. 'Sétal' translates in English as 'stroll.' So it should be accepted when so trasnslated.
  2. Unless the kindergarten teacher is Jesus Christ, she can't be walking ON the water. It would be a miracle!


That kindergarten teacher used to fly, and now she turned into Jesus

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