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"A kövér angol főnök a széles asztal mögött ül."

Translation:The fat English boss is sitting behind the wide table.

July 14, 2016



Would "sits AT the wide table" be acceptable?


That would rather be "a széles asztalnál ül".


I'd have thought "at the table' would be a more natural translation than "behind the table" in English. You might sit "behind" a desk, but you would more likely sit "at" a table.


It's the same in Hungarian too. "Az asztalnál" is understood exactly like "at the table", and it would also be more natural.


Okay, I understand. Thanks!


As a native English speaker, I think both sound very natural. One I'd say is much more common. But I don't think sitting behind something sounds weird at all. I think 'behind' might focus more on the orientation of the speaker, rather than where the person who's sitting is.


asztal - desk / table - You use both in your definition but only allow 'table' in the answer - consistency is again wrong.

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