"Nie mogę znaleźć wejścia."

Translation:I cannot find the entrance.

July 14, 2016

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Really subtle difference between entrance and exit. Past and future is that way too now that I think of it


Absolutely. And what about turn on and off? "Właczyć" and "wyłaczyć"...


I disagree. If you hear it from a native speaker, you can clearly hear the difference between the pronounciation of "włączyć" and "wyłączyć". The same goes for "wejście" and "wyjście". The recording is wrong.


Actually in this recording I hear rather "wyjścia" than "wejścia", I wasn't looking at the text and just wrote down how I heard; when it showed that I was wrong I was like ❤❤❤. The recording should be fixed.


I can hear wejścia in both voices, although the female voice is a bit clearer. I've disabled the male voice for audio exercises, but as I said, it's not acutally that bad.

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