"The driver is not waiting at the train station, but at the airport."

Translation:A sofőr nem a pályaudvaron vár, hanem a repülőtéren.

July 14, 2016

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Itt a vasutallomas is teljesen megfelne.


Please report it instead of commenting. :)


comment is good so others also know WHY their answer was not accepted.


Thank you! Some people make a sport of consistently downvoting each of my comments, but I appreciate that you found it useful.


Even better is to use proper spelling - Hungarians can read words in their own language even without diacritics, but for learners it's best to see words always in the correct spelling.

I think it's vasutállomás? Edit: it's vasútállomás


Yes, that's it. Sorry, I have gotten so used to an English keyboard that I often don't bother anymore, but I will make more of an effort to include diacritics in comments.


Thank you; I appreciate it!


Actually you are right.


Simply "állomás" should be accepted, same meaning as pályaudvar, I don't know why pályaudvar is preferred by Duo, állomás is more commonly used. Plus pályaudvar doesn't necessarily mean railway station, it can refer to bus station as well.


Can vezető ever be used for a driver?


On its own, I would not say that to mean driver. Vezető typically refers to a leader. However, it is common in compound words, such as buszvezető (bus driver).


I am guessing that eventually, as we move out of Beta, alternate correct translations will also be accepted. As an example: "A sofőr nem vár a pályaudvaron hanem a repülőtéren", is currently unacceptable.


To be honest, I don't think that answer should be accepted. In the sentence you cite, the emphasis is on the driver not waiting. So for example, it would be fine to say "A sofőr nem vár a pályaudvaron, hanem elmegy", but if you are trying to emphasise the location of his waiting, then the word order would have to be "A sofőr nem a pályaudvaron vár, hanem a repülőtéren". In all examples I can think of off the top of my head, the word after "nem" is the one that is emphasised.


Thank you for a thoughtful and nuanced reply. Interesting idea that the meaning of the sentence is subtly altered by the positioning of the word for either the driver or the location. First appearing concept emphasizes its relative importance in relation to the next word. Good to discuss shades of meaning.


I used reptéren , which was accepted . Are there any other shortened words that would useful to know ?


What about "Nem a pályaudvaron vár a sofőr, hanem a repülőtéren"?


Yes, that's also correct. :)

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