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  5. "Milyenek a politikusok?"

"Milyenek a politikusok?"

Translation:What are the politicians like?

July 14, 2016



When discussing the qualities of a group or category in Hungarian, and using the plural noun, apparently one is required to use the definite article. For example, a fák magasak = both "trees are tall" as a general statement, and "the trees are tall" as a specific statement. When translating to English, and with only the limited context supplied by Duolingo single-sentence examples, is it even possible to differentiate between general and specific statements?

If it is not possible, then the Hungarian question Milyenek a politikusok? could presumably be translated as both "What are politicians like?" and "What are the politicians like?" -- i.e., the "the" should be optional.

If my understanding is wrong, could someone please explain?


Exactly. Without context, it sounds much more like a general statement in my opinion...


how would you say What kind of politicians are they?


Wild guess: "Milyen politikusok ők?"


A politikusok?

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