"János elfut az ágytól; ott van egy bogár."

Translation:János runs away from the bed; there is a bug there.

July 14, 2016

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I've been looking around for some way to say "man up" or "get a spine", but couldn't find anything. :/ But whatever the phrase is, Janos needs to do that!

Spiders, fine. But Janos is surely stronger than a bug.


Well, my name is János (John) in real life and I don't care. I will go further by saying that it wasn't just a bug or a beetle, as bogár suggests......
It was a COOTIE, not a bed bug, or a fly, it was a COOTIE - and I killed it! LOL
And, in Adjectives, we learned that János nem hülye


Neha a neveket leforditjak, neha nem. Nincs konzisztencia!


The names should never be translated, in my opinion.


I agree. Either way, it is important to establish consistency.


Anything wrong with the English answer "János runs away from the bed; a bug is there"?


Nothing wrong - it's fine.


There's a bug in the bed and his name is Gregor Samsa


The English translation sounds wrong to me. "There is a bug" doesn't convey the information about the bug's location from ott, does it? (We'd probably say "there's a bug there" or maybe "a bug is there"?)


Why is “beetle” not accepted here?


Because English uses "bug" in the colloquial language to refer generically to any insect, as we use "bogár" for the same purpose, regardless of its scientific meaning.

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