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"János elfut az ágytól; ott van egy bogár."

Translation:János runs away from the bed; there is a bug there.

July 14, 2016



I've been looking around for some way to say "man up" or "get a spine", but couldn't find anything. :/ But whatever the phrase is, Janos needs to do that!

Spiders, fine. But Janos is surely stronger than a bug.


Well, my name is János (John) in real life and I don't care. I will go further by saying that it wasn't just a bug or a beetle, as bogár suggests......
It was a COOTIE, not a bed bug, or a fly, it was a COOTIE - and I killed it! LOL
And, in Adjectives, we learned that János nem hülye


Neha a neveket leforditjak, neha nem. Nincs konzisztencia!


The names should never be translated, in my opinion.


I agree. Either way, it is important to establish consistency.


Anything wrong with the English answer "János runs away from the bed; a bug is there"?


Nothing wrong - it's fine.


The English translation sounds wrong to me. "There is a bug" doesn't convey the information about the bug's location from ott, does it? (We'd probably say "there's a bug there" or maybe "a bug is there"?)


There's a bug in the bed and his name is Gregor Samsa


Why is “beetle” not accepted here?

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