"The tourists are not getting onto those old, faulty trams, but onto these new, clear buses."

Translation:A turisták nem azokra a régi, rossz villamosokra szállnak fel, hanem ezekre az új, világos buszokra.

July 14, 2016

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"Clear" has a lot of different meanings, and it's hard to intuit what's intended. It's especially hard since "világos" is not an adjective that anyone ever applies to buses, as far as I know.


Can clear mean light-coloured? Because I can't think of any other possible meanings for világos when it describes an object.


No, I don't think "clear" ever means "light-coloured." Used in conjunction with colors, clear normally means "transparent" or "see-through." Somewhat less commonly - and generally only in certain formulaic expressions - it can mean "pure" (as in, "Look at the clear blue sky; there isn't a single cloud.")

When I read the Hungarian sentence the meaning that came to mind for világos was "bright" or "well lit," as in "szép világos szoba kiadó" or whatever. Nice bright new buses instead of the filthy dingy old ones.


Thank you.

That's a possible context. Still, I think this is probably just a mistake. The primary meaning of világos is "light-coloured", it can only mean "clear" in the sense of "easy to understand", which obviously can't be applied to a bus, be it old or new. :D


az egész dolog világos, mint a vakablak :D


Amerikai vagyok, és még mindig tanulok. Okoskodj nyugodtan!


Magyar vagy? Akkor bocsánat, hogy itt okoskodok neked. :D


"Világos" can also mean that a lot of light comes in. Big, open space, bigger windows, more light. Older vehicles definitely had smaller windows.
This applies to homes, rooms, too. More light, less furniture, lighter colors. The home is lighter.
I don't know what would be the best English word to describe this. "Clear" may not be it. My first association on seeing "clear" was "transparent" ("átlátszó"). And I thought they mistakenly wrote it instead of "clean" ("tiszta").


Talan eloszor angolul kene megtanulni a lecke iroinak mielott tanitani probalnanak... meg mielott a francia ovonoket repulni kuldik az orosz sofork koze...

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