"Mam pozwolenie."

Translation:I have a permit.

July 14, 2016

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Ok so from a native speaker who is not a computer/IT whizz and has been speaking English for 51 years... "I have a permit" "I have /I've got a permit" "I have/I've been given a permit" " I have permission" "I have /I've been given permission"


On its own it's not correct in English. I have a permission form is ok but you can't say I have a permission


audio (fast) sounds like MAMY POZWOLENIE. Slow it is correct MAM ... Something wrong with the audio system?


All the voices have been replaced at the end of summer 2020.


"I have permission" - is this accepted


what about: I have the permission ? or is this only possible when the sentence continue with : to........


A native speaker I asked said that it doesn't really work. Quote:

"I have the permission" doesn't feel right. It's OK with an adjective or genitive noun. "I have the necessary permission" or "I have the officer's permission"; however, in the second case the article is associated with the "officer", not with the permission itself...


I would not much agree... Can you come with us tomorrow night? Yeap I have the permission (from my parents. ..).


From what I understand, it'd be "I have permission" without an article.


Is this a driver's licence or the thing that comes before it?


A driver's licence is called prawo jazdy, or colloquially prawko.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by 'the thing that comes before it', though.


'the thing that comes before it',

Probably, it is the 'student permit' to drive together with an adult driver to fulfill the requirement of 'having driven X supervised hours'.

Pozwolenie is a generic term that means permission. It can range from your parent's approval to go to your friend's house, through parking permit and clearance, all the way to a gun permit = pozwolenie na broĊ„_ which is quite rare in Poland.


Correct spelling of translation: license, not licence.


'License' is the standard spelling in Britain, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland and New Zealand, therefore both are accepted here.


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