"Mam pozwolenie."

Translation:I have a permit.

July 14, 2016



Ok so from a native speaker who is not a computer/IT whizz and has been speaking English for 51 years... "I have a permit" "I have /I've got a permit" "I have/I've been given a permit" " I have permission" "I have /I've been given permission"

March 21, 2017


On its own it's not correct in English. I have a permission form is ok but you can't say I have a permission

July 20, 2016


what about: I have the permission ? or is this only possible when the sentence continue with : to........

February 23, 2019


A native speaker I asked said that it doesn't really work. Quote:

"I have the permission" doesn't feel right. It's OK with an adjective or genitive noun. "I have the necessary permission" or "I have the officer's permission"; however, in the second case the article is associated with the "officer", not with the permission itself...

February 28, 2019
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