"From America we move to Hungary."

Translation:Amerikából költözünk Magyarországra.

July 14, 2016

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Current English sentence is phrased a bit strangely, but as it is, it actually places the emphasis on Hungary - that is, from America we are moving to Hungary rather than to France or some other country. For this, the correct translation would be Amerikából Magyarországra költözünk, or Magyarországra költözünk Amerikából. If you wanted to say Amerikából költözünk Magyarországra (which is the "correct" answer), the corresponding English sentence is We are moving to Hungary from America. There, the emphasis is on America - as in we are coming from America, not from somewhere else. Or, if such subtleties of emphasis are not important, perhaps all of these answers should be marked correct.


I think all (or at least most) should probably be marked correct.

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