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  5. "המים באים מתוך הקרקע."

"המים באים מתוך הקרקע."

Translation:The water is coming from the ground.

July 14, 2016



How about, "the water comes out of the ground"?


that should be accepted. please report it next time(:


Could קרקע be earth?


The website Morfix translates earth, as in ground, as "אֲדָמָה, קַרְקַע" and some others that I know we wouldn't normally translate as earth. Adamah or "אֲדָמָה" is usually thought of as soil, so it might be the equivalent of ground. FYI, I'm only learning, not a native speaker.


the water comes from the soil?


'The water is coming' is not good English. It sounds like the water has not yet arrived. Should be 'The water comes'


Why is it (the sentence) already arranged for us ?

Does something come about wrong in such situations or is it done on purpose ?


Could this also be translated as "The water is coming from WITHIN the ground"? And would this be closer to the literal Hebrew meaning?


I'm not a native Hebrew speaker, but I think 'out of the ground' is pretty close to the Hebrew meaning.


There was another question that provided this English, "The water is coming through the ground" and asked for the Hebrew. The current answer was the same as is written here המים באים מתוך הקרקע. It seemed odd to me but it was the closest only answer that seemed reasonable. So is it wrong to say, 'The water is coming through the ground"?

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