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  5. "What do you see?"

"What do you see?"

Translation:Co widzisz?

July 14, 2016



Can someone please explain the difference between "Co" and Jaki"?


Is it not correct to say Czego Widzicie?


No. This verb takes accusative, and the accusative of "co" is.... "co". Take a look at https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/co#Polish and click the "Declension [show]".

"Czego" is genitive, and so would be more relevant to a negative question.


What indicated second person plural? Why wasn't second person singular possible "Co widzisz?"


Nothing. "Co widzisz?" is equally valid, it's a starred answer. It should have worked.


Can someone please explain the difference between "Co" and "Jaki" ? Tinyoreo asked the same question 4 years ago. If he/she received an answer I can't find it. On another point my Samsung S7 died recently. I switched to an Apple iPhone, not finding the operating system as automatic yet...Is it possible to reinstall the App without paying again? I've tried a couple of times but keep running into the paywall. I'm coming up to the anniversary soon of my subscription and will be renewing on the new phone. Is that my only option? Also is one's progress rolled onto the following year? I'm using the PC now exclusively which gives a more thorough learning experience, but miss the odd moments on the smart phone when say, in the car waiting for people. Thank you


Well, I can certainly help with your first (language-related) question: "Co" is "What?" and "Jaki" is more "What sort of?" or "Which?" Therefore:

Co widzisz- What do you see?

Jaki kolor ma ten samochód? - What colour is this car?

Incidentally, "Jaki" behaves somewhat like an adjective, so it has to agree with the gender of the object being discussed. There's more here: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/jaki#Polish and 'show' the declension.

I can't help with your technical questions, but maybe somebody else will be able to help later.


The subscription is for your account, so to my understanding you could log into your account on a new phone every day and everything should work fine. Your progress also shouldn't go anywhere.

The general rule of thumb is that if you have "what" and some noun in the sentence (Jerry's "What colour is this car?"), you use a form of "jaki". If you have "what" and no noun (like in our sentence here), you use a form of "co".

However, there are some sentence with "what" and a noun in which not only "jaki" works, but "co" as well. And I'm still not able to narrow down a rule for those. Still, you should feel safe just sticking with "jaki" there.


Чому матюкається, що не вірно такий варіант: "Co pan widzi?" ???


It probably just has not been added, but as far as I know "Co Pan widzi?" is totally correct.


Indeed. Added now!

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