"The lions are beautiful."

Translation:האריות יפים.

July 14, 2016



Is there a rule as to when we use masculine-ending(ים) adjectives with feminine-ending(ות) nouns and vice versa?

July 14, 2016


Some masculine words have a feminine plural form - like in this case, אריה->אריות, or כיסא->כיסאות, or חלון->חלונות; and some feminine words have a masculine plural form, for instance שנה->שנים, ביצה->ביצים, מילה->מילים. These are considered irregular, and adjectives referring to them would all be conjugated according to the word gender. So in the same way that one would say ביצים קשות, (hard-boiled eggs), one would also say האריות יפים. It's rather unfortunate that there isn't a particular rule to these irregular words, so you just have to memorise them.

July 14, 2016


But אריות are lionesses,

So their adjective should be feminine as well, right ?

June 2, 2018


Why is האריות הם יפים not okay?

June 10, 2017


I was also unclear on this.

February 15, 2019
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