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"Ers pryd wyt ti gyda dy gariad?"

Translation:How long have you been with your boyfriend?

July 14, 2016



The answer comes up as how long have you been with your boyfriend for but i dont think boyfriend was even an option

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This was a disabled sentence. It's now restored and corrected. Thanks for the comment.

The problem here is that there is no standard Welsh word for 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend', although there are local versions in various dialects.

The word cariad is used for 'boyfriend/girlfriend/lover/sweetheart'.

Cariad derives from the verb 'to love' caru


Is cariad not also used as a general term of affection? I fairly commonly hear adults referring to kids they know as cariad (albeit whilst speaking in English).


Would "how long have you been with your sweetheart" be a valid translation? I take it there's no way to tell the gender of the person from this.


'Sweetheart' is fine.


i wrote 'how long have you been with your sweetheart' and it's still marked wrong.


'girl/boyfriend' is a more usual term these days, but 'sweetheart' could be used too.

Edit - the phrase you have in you comment above is accepted by the database.

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