Word List

Just curious... is there a pre-existing word list for the course available? I'm making one in a spreadsheet to study with but I thought I'd ask in case this already exists somewhere?

July 14, 2016


Like most of the languages, Hungarian has no "Words" tab in the courses teaching it (existing or future ones). See more here.

Switch to German (say), and open the Duolingo homepage in a new tab. Now go back to your original tab and switch back to Hungarian. Go to the second tab again and click on 'Words': you now have a Hungarian word list:

Awesome hack! Here's hoping the Duo gods don't "fix" it.

Lingot 4 U.

Thats it, köszönöm szépen!!

Szívesen, nincs mit!

Wow, awesome trick. I was able to use the flashcards feature that way! :)

I just tried this, and it didn't work. When I went to the 2nd tab, the second time, and clicked "Words," I got a "404" error (not found). I followed your instructions to the letter!

As you might know, the website has recently been re-coded, and, unfortunately, this trick no longer seems to work on the new website (I just tried it with Greek).
If I happen upon another way around this, I'll let you know.

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