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"Ajouter un tiers de lait et battre le mélange."

January 31, 2013



To say 'add a third of milk' makes no sense. You could say 'add a third of a cup/liter' or 'add a third of the milk'


If they meant the container then you would say "add a third of THE milk" which is apparently incorrect... This makes no sense in English.


I did not mean the original container of the milk but the one where the milk is to be poured into, for one third of its content.


Just to make sure I understand, you're French aren't you? and is this the way you would probably understand the sentence if you came across it?


yes because not knowing where the milk comes from (a liter, a half liter ?), the recipe writer would rather refer to a third of the preparation container which was probably defined before.

if it were "un tiers DU lait", it would mean that the exact measure needed for the entire recipe was already defined at the beginning of the recipe (on the list of ingredients).

but to be frank with you, I would rather read the entire recipe to really understand what is meant by "one third (of what?)"


Thank you very much! It is great to have patient native speakers to ask!

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