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  5. "The driver stopped the bus."

"The driver stopped the bus."

Translation:Kierowca zatrzymał autobus.

July 14, 2016



Hello, could the Polish sentence also use the word "szofer"? It seems to me this word is actually part of the Polish vocabulary, at least from what the "Słownik języka polskiego" says: "szofer - osoba zajmująca się zawodowo prowadzeniem samochodu".


Not really. You usually use the word "szofer" if you mean somebody's personal driver or you can, for example, "wynająć limuzynę z szoferem". I believe the word "chauffeur" is also used in English in similar contexts (you wouldn't say "The chauffeur stopped the bus").

In Polish replacing this word with just "kierowca" is usually perfectly fine (sometimes it's even better to use it). So I'd almost always stick to "kierowca".

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Why not "powstrzymał"?


"powstrzymać" is stopping someone (something) from doing something, like stopping your drunk friend from calling his ex. Not stopping a vehicle.

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