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  5. "Az óvónők tolják a lányokat."

"Az óvónők tolják a lányokat."

Translation:The kindergarten teachers are pushing the girls.

July 14, 2016



What kind of "pushing"? Physical? Or just in a figurative sense?


It means pushing them physically. With the right context it can also be used figuratively, but that's not very common.


I hate the kindergarten teachers... Wherever they appear, I have to answer wrong twice or more, to finally get to the correct solution :-)


Maybe like pushing them on the swings?


or they push them in the pram


tolják sounds like tolyák to me (i.e. like toják - I don't hear the /l/).

Is this normal?

I believe that lj often sounds like ly in imperatives; is this also the case in the definite conjugation?


Your impression is right.

tanuljuk => spoken as tanujjuk

indulj => spoken as indujj

állj => spoken as ájj

That is a phenomenon appearing in the definite conjugation as well as building the imperative, because the required j-vowel melts with the vowel before.


I think you mean "with the consonant before" (vowel = a e i o ö u ü, consonant = b c cs d ...).

Ah, so I should have heard "tojják" with double or long /j/ rather than just "toják", I suppose.

Thanks for the confirmation!


Yes, of course, CONSONANTS I meant.

Thank you also :-)

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