"Ma írókat és óvónőket várok."

Translation:I am waiting for writers and kindergarten teachers today.

July 14, 2016

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I put this : "today I wait for writers and kindergarten teachers" and I think that it is equally right. what do you think?


Present simple is usually for repeated or habitual actions -- present continuous ("I am waiting") or future ("today I will wait") would seem better to me here than present simple.

Of those, present continuous is probably better in this sentence because the Hungarian sentence does not use the future tense.


Could "várok" be translated into "expect"?


Yeah, that sounds good.


Because "Ma" is the first word shown, that leads me to believe that the writers and kindergarten teachers are who is being waited for today. On other days, they are also waiting, but perhaps for other people (cooks and waiters yesterday, writers and kindergarten teachers today, and tomorrow lawyers and politicians. Is this a correct analysis?


That is a good assumption. But the speaker can also just state what they're doing today, not necessarily saying that they do any waiting on other days. It's a relatively neutral word order.


hmm, nursery teachers is sometimes accepted, but last time I put that, Duo insisted on nursery school teachers, today, it has to be kindergarten teachers. Consistency?


"Kindergarten teacher" is accepted everywhere as a translation for óvónő. It's probably what the course creators started with. The other translations need to be reported where they haven't been already.


"today i wait for writers and kindergarten teachers" should be accepted

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