displaying Discussion threads when logged in

Lately I have noticed a new problem with Duolingo's Discussion pages.

If I'm not logged in and go to the URL of a thread I had bookmarked earlier, I can see it just fine.

If I do log in and then go back to that URL, nothing appears below the blue band at the top (the one with the Duolingo logo, the options "Home Words Activity Discussions Immersion," my user name, my streak, my lingots).

If I log in and then turn Ghostery off (see ) I can see the page just fine but my computer is more vulnerable to malware.

I didn't have this problem last week. What happened?

It seems as though has some tracker software attached that is programmed to gather data on logged-in users (and probably sell it to advertisers). Is this true?

July 14, 2016


Is it happening with any discussion?

Are you able to find which one of the elements you disabled with Ghostery is causing it?
By deactiving/reactiving each element one by one to see which one is causing it.

EDIT: I have Ghostery and blocked the 5 elements that it detects on this current discussion but the page still display correctly.

July 14, 2016

Yes, it was happening with any discussion.

I found out that I have to enable Mixpanel to see the discussion threads normally now: . :/

July 15, 2016

Strange, it's not an issue on my side: Mixpanel is blocked on my side (like all other elements Ghostery's detecting) but it keeps working normally.

July 15, 2016
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