"Péter a konyhában készíti a palacsintáját."

Translation:Péter is preparing his pancakes in the kitchen.

July 15, 2016

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This is/was my last sentence!

Thanks to the course creators, the current contributor(s) and every comment, question and answer alike.
I made progresss, not as much as I think should be possible within the boundaries of the duolingo system, but within a specific subset of this language I think I understand now some lines. Now I will level up most of the lessons, certainly excluding dir-con and some cases, continue the much easier reverse tree, study those language books I have to enhance my vocabulary and try to read some stuff here and there.




The translation of the English sentence should be: "Péter a konyhában készít a palacsintáIT" - "his pancakes" in accusative: "palacsintáit". If "palacsintáját" then it is only 1 single pancake.


what is single form : his pancake?


pancake = palacsinta

pancake (accusative) = palacsintát

his/her pancake = palacsintája

his/her pancake (accusative) = palacsintáját

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