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"Ci ludzie szanują waszą flagę."

Translation:These people respect your flag.

July 15, 2016



How is the word honor not accepted in lieu of the word respect? What English dictionary are you using?


I don't get the sense of the sentence. Why should one respect or not respect a flag? Its just an object. Has it got a deeper meaning?


Respecting the object means that you respect the concept the object represents, which also means that you won't deliberately step on it, burn it, etc.


I see you haven't been to America in the past few decades.


isn't "people" single in English?


In some contexts, can be, but not in the basic one.

From Wiktionary, this I guess would take singular:

  • (plural peoples) Persons forming or belonging to a particular group, such as a nation, class, ethnic group, country, family, etc; folk; a community.


Uhhhhh the rule I was taught is: If the "people" are referred to as a group as a whole, then it's singular. If there are specific people in the group or if they're interacting amongst themselves, it's plural. I'm sorry, English is the worst :'>


It's my gut feeling that "this people" can only mean "this nation" / "this ethnic group", which would be "ten naród" in Polish.


(UK) In everyday use it's always "some people."


Is not this sentence a question?


No, it's not, it doesn't end with a question mark. I thought that perhaps it sounded like a question (that's what our TTS tends to do), but it even sounds right.

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