"The party is in the garden."

Translation:Impreza jest w ogrodzie.

July 15, 2016

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My family told me once that they are more likely to say "przejęcie". What's the difference?


"Przyjęcie". It kinda depends on what kind of a party it is. "Impreza" is more likely to be all about fun, and when the party-goers are not kids - probably about alcohol as well. "Przyjęcie" allows for the party to be more fancy and elegant. I would not call any elegant charity ball "impreza".

For a birthday party of a kid, I don't see much difference.


that may be a regional thing or something, but to me "impreza" is :

a) a official name in tourist/entertainment industry for "event" (now it is becoming "event/iwent")

b) a crazy party with a lot of drinking for teenagers/young adults/ adults

przyjęcie is a party with food.


Yeah, I agree with the "event" thing, at least is some contexts.


What about zabawa or balanga? I understand that impreza is a more direct translation but I feel zabawa/balanga can also work for party.


"Zabawa" sounds a bit old-fashioned to me, as it's totally vague, it comes from the verb "bawić się", to play. So it doesn't say a lot. This is something my grandma could use when talking about her youth. It may not even be a party, just some friends doing something for fun, like dancing, or playing board games. It's hard to say what can be 'incorporated' under this term.

"Balanga", on the other hand, sounds totally like a crazy party, and feels very colloquial to me. Well, "impreza" is already colloquial I guess, but this is more.


So apparently, "ogród" is treated as a closed space? It must be an example of a counterintuitive designation of "closed" vs. "open." It was not what I was expecting, but now I know.


The closed vs. open space distinction is just a rule of thumb, so it's definitely safer to just remember the correct preposition. Na ogrodzie isn't actually that hopeless, but the language corpus suggests a usage ratio of about 1:100 in favour of w ogrodzie.

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