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  5. "הילד שלכם שמח!"

"הילד שלכם שמח!"

Translation:Your boy is happy!

July 15, 2016



i still cant tell the difference in listening to shelachem v. shela-em.


I have the same problem. Shelachem (you) sounds like the ch in Bach or the Spanish jota but on this audio I can't tell the difference really.


Native English speaker here - for me, I have to really listen for the 'rasp' and 'rattle' in the throat of ח and כ. It seems to me ה is more of what us English speakers would think of the classic 'H' sound - like you're freely breathing out - such as in 'hello', 'Harvey', 'hoppy'. We have to train our ear to hear the difference, because we don't have the sounds of כ or ח in our native language, so we tend to 'hear' it as indistinct from ה. What worked for me was to listen carefully to the Duolingo recordings that had this sound, to make myself better at identifying it. Hope that's useful!


I dont understand the pronunciation? It soundes like hes saying "תולאחים" or something


I hear the same thing.. It sounds like he is pronouncing the shin as a tet


A final -d is quickly followed by an initial sh-; the result is something like a -tsh-/-tch-.


I agree, I can't hear any "sh" sound at all. Without the text I never would have known what the Hebrew was.


Then you have either bad hearing or crappy speakers


why is "your son" not an acceptable answer to this?


because, technically speaking, that would be הבן שלכם, or בנכם.


I used samech instead of shin. Sometimes they say "you have a typo" for simple spelling mistakes and sometimes they say it's just wrong. It would be nice if they were more consistent.


If you're off by just one character, DL automatically labels it as a typo.


Boy, I say, your boy is happy! -Foghorn Leghorn


It's an American cartoon character. :)


Too bad sometimes the character makes all the difference. I wrote the they form instead of you and it was marked as correct. Not the same as confusing a tau with a tet.


I did the same and it was marked as correct. His pronunciation was ambiguous on this one.


I wrote your son does it make any difference


I can't hear the difference between שלהם או שלכם But my Israeli husband can easily hear the difference... lol


What about child? I know ילד is boy, but does it work for child as well?


Why is to be glad a mistake ? The question was ש מח

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