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  5. "Hvem drikker vinen?"

"Hvem drikker vinen?"

Translation:Who is drinking the wine?

July 15, 2016



How am I supposed to distinguish 'vinen' from 'vin'? Is 'vinen' really pronounced like this, or is it just a glitch in the robot implementation and it is more clear when spoken by real Norwegian person?


There is a slight difference in the 'n' sound at the end of 'vinen' versus 'vin'. 'Vinen' is pronounced vin'n, As far as I know, the robot is correct.


funny enough, I just said to myself, I need to hear the two words side by side to learn to distinguish the difference... As duolingo does not offer such feature, I went to google translator, typed 'vin' and listened, then typed 'vinen' and listened. I get what you are saying, when I heard those two after one another, I heard 'viin' and 'viinn', which was OK.

The weird bit was when I tried to listen to the same word multiple times - write 'vin', click listen. click listen again... and the same with 'vinen' and the google's robot does this: 'vin' ---> viin, vin, viin, vin 'vinen' ---> viinn, viin, viinn, viin

so maybe duolingo's robot has the same bug and sometimes pronounces it wrong :)


At last a useful sentence


Hi everyone Ive been using the Forvo app alongside Duolingo to correct my pronounciation, they seem to have sound clips of fluent speakers record their enunciation.

Hope this helps!


I know it's been a year since you commented, but this is by far the most helpful comment regarding pronunciation issues I've seen. Have a lingot.


Nobody will drink the wine except from me!!!


If it's Chardonnay, I'll be joining you. :D


probably Jesus again


Can i pronounce the last silabe, like "vinEN", until i get used with the accent? Or it makes it wrong?


It would be wrong if you said that in Norway.... You should try and pronounce it as it would be

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