"Are you replying to us or to them?"

Translation:Odpowiadacie nam czy im?

July 15, 2016

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Wow, Polish is so word efficient. It's a bit like Latin. In this sentence with 4 words you say the same as with 8 in English. Just an observation.


Why cannot i use "albo" instead of "czy"? Duo marks it wrong...


If you ask an A/B question, you use 'czy'.

'albo' would suggest that the answer can easily be "Neither A nor B" or "Both A and B". Which is maybe not impossible, but doesn't seem very probable here. So frankly, on the level of being just a learner here, it's better to stick to using 'czy' in questions. You rarely mean something else.


Why cannot be lub instead of czy in this case ?


As noted above, in A/B questions, "czy" is used.


it`s difficult that nam nas mine im...


nam= (to) us

im = (to) them


thanks,would you tell me more about that? such as what is "to you,to me,..."? thanks so much


Polish has 7 cases, English sometimes has 3. (I, me, my).

One of consequences of that is that English uses prepositions more often than Polish.

In this sentence reply (to somebody) translates to odpowiadać (komuś= Dative)

whole table (Dative=Celownik)


What is the difference between odpowiadać and odpowiedzieć?


Czy nie słyszałeś, że to bitwa słów, a większość z nich to kłamstwa?

My i oni.


Why "answer" instead of "reply" not accepted??


We'd need to know your entire answer to be able to judge. Did you, for example, write "answer to us" or "answering to us"?


you're answering the question is Odpowiadacie na pytanie but You're answering us is Odpowiadacie nam. Is there a guide when to you use "na" and when it is not needed?


Well, basically what you just wrote: you use "na" with some noun, mostly "question"... what else can you answer, accusations? And you don't use it with people whom you answer.


Got it, thank you!


Couldn't 'do nas/do nich' also work here? I'm almost certain I've heard these or something similar in conversations where a dative could also be used. Though, of course, I could be wrong


I don't think it ever works. For a moment I pondered whether this would perhaps be okayish if we considered written replies (a reply to an e-mail), but still, I don't think so. It's "do kogo piszesz?" (who are you writing to?) but "komu odpowiadasz?" (who are you replying to?).

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