"The children are singing songs on the bus."

Translation:הילדים שרים שירים באוטובוס.

July 15, 2016

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I wrote "על האוטובוס" which is probably not what they meant (because it means literally on, above, the bus), but if you wanted to say "על האוטובוס" in English you would say "on the bus", so technically it's also correct.


Every language has its own prepositions for every case. We can't translate everything literally.

Let's take the verb "to use" (להשתמש) as an example. This verb uses the preposition "ב" (in). e.g. אני משתמש במחשב (I use the computer).

Would you use the literal translation? (I use in the computer).

That's the reason why we don't accept it.

Furthermore, if you use the translation "על האוטובוס", it's more like "the children are singing songs about the bus", which has totally lost its meaning.


Actually, you're right, it's better not to accept this translation, so people won't say "על האוטובוס" instead of "באוטובוס"


Ha-yeladim sharim shirim ba-otobus

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