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Another user recently asked whether there was an easy way of transferring students from their Year 7 classes to their Year 8 classes:

As far as I can tell, she's going to have to do so manually, one student at a time. A lot of sites allow teacher users to create their student accounts by uploading a CSV file. Would it be possible to introduce something like that?

Failing that, would it be possible to alter the interface so that students can be dragged from one class to another? Or perhaps to be able to select and move several students at once?

July 15, 2016


Hi Hugh! Unfortunately, you cannot bulk move students at the moment, although I will take note of your request. Would it work, in this situation, to rename the classroom instead?

The students in the other thread weren't moving in bulk from one class to another. They get mixed up. This happens a lot in schools, either to make the timetable work, or when kids get to an age when it's appropriate to put them in ability groups, etc.

Thank you for your support! The easiest way for me as the teacher would be to have a "code" for the students to access their new class. That way, the students are adding themselves to the class, and not me! Just wondering. Thanks again.

Hi! Students can add themselves to the class with a code! Just go to where you invite them to the classroom and choose the code option. Let us know if you need more information!

Doesn't that still leave them in the old classes as well? That does solve half the problem, though.

This is perfect! Thank you for the info. I will create the new classes and have them join the class that they are in for this next school year. Great advice. Thanks again.

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