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Hebrew Course

Hey guys, I'm a native Hebrew speaker and I wanted to say to the fellows who composed the Hebrew course, from a sneaky peek it seems to be very well done! The speech is especially fantastic, very clear and realistic. I hope this course will gain popularity as it definitely deserves... Congratulations and כל הכבוד! :)

July 15, 2016



That is absolutely amazing, thanks for the efforts to this came to real. Now, I hope the yidish course will go fine soon too. Col HaKavod! Guth Shabes


My only problem is as a native English speaker it's very difficult to figure out the pronunciation of the words without audio.


You can use Forvo (google it) for that. It's a "pronunciation dictionary".

It's also useful to learn to read niqqud so you can use a dictionary with niqqud and learn pronunciation from it.


Forvo has been a lifesaver for words & sentences without audio! Here's the link : http://forvo.com



Mazzorano, I enjoy the Hebrew course you created for Memrise very much. I've been using it, along with Duolingo, for a few months now and find it very helpful. Let me ask you, if I may, about the Memrise Italian classes that go along with Duolingo program. Do you know why all the Italian vocabulary words are not pronounced for the students? It would be very helpful if they were.


I'm using three Memrise Duolingo course, on lesson #32! I think it's way better to start with then use Duolingo. אסיר תודה


Forvo also has a iOS app that I use. I don't know if they have an app for android yet.


I love the course. Thank you again to all the people that made the course...


They hired Israelis I believe to do the audio so it should sound natural. :) I am very impressed with the audio.


Just did the first lesson and don't understand how we're supposed to write in Hebrew with a standard qwerty keyboard. I can imagine some ways it might be done but I thought there would at least some letters on the screen to click on...


I've done Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur, some FSI course (available free - http://www.101languages.net/hebrew/free-hebrew-course/), and Hebrewpod101.com. Pimsleur & Hebrewpod101.com teach the basics best, IMO. If you want the basics free, I think you'll be able to get most of it through Hebrewpod101.com. Also, http://www.teachmehebrew.com/ and http://www.hebrew4christians.com/Grammar/grammar.html (not preachy!) do an excellent job. However, I am DEFINITELY most impressed with the Duolingo course above all the rest. Since I tested out of some material, I could not comment on how well they teach the basics, but have been delighted with everything I've covered so far.

Thank you very much!


:D Hebrew4christians! I didn't think I'd find anyone giving their link here. I knew the writer of that website. We used to go to the same Synagogue and we lived in the same building, so we talked. He wrote a book too.

His Hebraic teaching purpose was to get Christians to learn Hebrew.

teachmehebrew free stuff, I found lacking. I did love to play around with some of the games, but I didn't find it that useful beyond that.


I can't really hear the 'r' sound being pronounced in words like רואה in this course. Is that typical for Hebrew pronunciation?


It's produced in the back of your mouth. Google uvular trill to listen to it and learn how it's done.


dorkami knows her stuff! I would also recommend the Hebrewpod101.com pronunciation videos. I think you can find them on Youtube. This guy's really good too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNJtAibUeOc


Agree! I love it too, the voice is clear and pleasent :) One of my favourites!!

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